PLAN 595

Negotiation, Facilitation and Mediation:

Principles and Practice

2011 Class Agendas


All class materials, except readings from the three required texts, are accessed through the relevant agenda

 14th September

Preparation for First Class

Introduction to Principled Negotiation

Introduction to Field: History and Key Concepts

Overview of Course Content and Organization

 21st September

History of the Foundations of Conflict Resolution

Recognizing the Hidden Agendas in Everyday Negotiation

Grounding Principles of Facilitation

Case Study Groups Formed

 28th September

Giving Separate & Joint Attention to the People & the Problem

The Power of Advocacy: Promoting Your Interests Effectively

Case Study Group Agreements Emailed to Tony

 5th October

Focus on Interests, Not Positions

The Promise of Connection: Building a Collaborative Relationship

Group An 1 due October 9th

 12th October

Invent Options for Mutual Gain

Insist on Using Explicit Criteria

 19th October

Ethics, Facts and Values in Negotiations

26th October


Crafting Agreements & Negotiating Change

Sustainable Agreements

Group An 2 due October 30th

2nd November


How Mediation Works


 9th November

Presentations on Group Negotiations

  • Aquaculture Group
  • False Creek Flats Group
  • Viaduct Group

Group An 3 due

 16th November

Presentations on Group Negotiations

  • Bike Lane Group
  • Supportive Housing Group

Group Determination of Participation Grade

19th November

Special Joint Session of 595 and 597

Last Class