Negotiation, Facilitation and Mediation:

Principles and Practices

26th October 2011





Today's Reading

  1. Fisher, R. and W. Ury. 1991. Parts III, IV and V in Getting To Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In. New York: Penguin (2nd Edition) pp. 97-187.

Preparation: Exploring the Concept and Use of a BATNA

For considering BATNAs return to the multistakeholder round table meetings negotiating possible development of the Valley.

In preparation for the next meeting of the round table, which is seeking to reach an agreement on how to proceed with development (including none) in the Valley, you should think about what might be possible BATNAs for your assigned stakeholder as you have come to understand her or his interests. For example, in what circumstance would your best alternative be to leave the negotiating table and pursue some alternative strategy, which conceivably could involve going to the courts or civil disobedience?


Get together in the groups from two weeks ago (when you explored options and critieria, as below) to generate BATNA ideas for 15 minutes and then we will discuss them. You are not in role - help each other to develop BATNA's for each role. Please develop short statements of your ideas for BATNAs and put them on the sheets we can stick on the wall.


The Provincial Government

Lauren, Ruth, Jason, Andrew

Power Inc.

Thomas, Daniel, Maureen, Devon

The Raven First Nation

Erica, Debra, Polly

The Environmental Coalition

Tessie, Mariona, Jennifer R., Rosa

The Community

Katherine, Maysa, Jennifer P., Fernanda