Negotiation, Facilitation and Mediation:

Principles and Practices

12th October 2011



Insist on Using Explicit Criteria

Today's Reading

  1. Fisher, R. and W. Ury. 1991. "Insist on using Objective Criteria" in Getting To Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In. New York: Penguin (2nd Edition) pp. 81-94. Chapter 5.


Continuing with the exercise meet with the same person that you did in the first half of the morning. You are asked to identify criteria for assessing the previously listed options. First spend 5 minutes listing and priorizing your own ideas for criteria then convene with the other person and jointly prepare a priorized list for 15 minutes. In your pairs, please write each of your top 3 ideas for criteria on a separate piece of paper and write on them so they can be read at a distance.

After the class reflect on the increasing richness of the options and criteria: (i) after the discussion with your partner, and (ii) after the discussion with the whole class. What does this imply for your future practice? Reflect on how we have used ideas from the Facilitators Guide. Aim to have completed reading Part III by two weeks from now, October 26th.