PLAN 595

Negotiation, Facilitation and Mediation:

Principles and Practices



14th. September 2011

Introduction to Course Content and Organization

Room West Mall Annex 240

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The first meeting of the class is designed to introduce you to the instructor, the course and each other. It is organized into three 60-minute sessions with a 15-minute break in between each. We will begin with two substantive sessions that are designed to introduce you to key topics we will be addressing in the course and to provide you with a sense of the ideas we will explore, the skills you will develop and the ways in which we will learn together. There are preparatory readings for each of these sessions that are listed on their agendas and available to you through links, along with guidance on how to prepare for the class discussions. The third 60-minute session will review the course content and organization including the assignments. Please review the agenda for it and the various items available through links. If you have not already done so start by reading the outline for the course.


First Session 8.00-9.00

Second Session 9.15-10.15

Third Session 10.30-11.30