PLAN 597


15th September 2011


  1. Presentations will be made in pairs and they will have a 60 minute session beginning November 3rd. By the Wednesday class at least three weeks before you are scheduled to present, you post on Water Presentation Topics a one page outline of how you propose to approach your topic and provide me with links to or a copy of the proposed readings for me to review. I will give you feedback and suggestions.

    Two weeks before, you meet with me before or after class on the Thursday to discuss an initial outline for guiding the session and to finalize the proposed readings.

    I encourage you to begin discussing with me your ideas for presentations as early as possible in the term.

  2. On the Wednesday in the week before your presentation you post on Water Presentation Topics an introductory statement including links to readings in preparation for your session. This will enable you to speak to it in the class before you present and give any additional guidance on preparation that you would recommend.

  3. Each member of the pair will make a presentation. They should be a maximum of 10 minutes each and it can be distributed through the 60 minutes. You should assume people have done the readings. The presentation should put forward an argument and pose questions based on the readings, and lay a foundation for the discussion to follow. You are responsible for leading the discussion and should have a clear idea of where you want the discussion to come out. You should have an agenda to hand out at the beginning of the session which you will post to Water Presentation Topics.

  4. You are to place your topic and consideration of it in the context of the analytical framework that we are developing in the first part of the course. You should also design the session to include consideration of how your topic and related case examples relate to IWRM.

  5. Your readings should be selected so as to provide members of the class with two types of information:
    • a basic framework for thinking about the topic (e.g. water supply planning and management).
    • a case study example of how the framework applies to a particular situation (e.g. the Gulf Islands).

  6. The grade for your presentation will be based on the preparation and design of your topic (40%) and performance in presenting (30%) and leading the discussion (30%).

  7. At the end of each presentation session we will reserve five minutes for members of the class to provide feedback to the presenters on the strengths of the session and lessons for the future.

  8. After the class you provide me with a digital copy of your complete agenda and materials for your session so that I can post these on the course web site.