Years Afloat On Tempus Fugit


In October 2006 we bought a 13 metre Dutch steel Pikmeer Kruiser in northern Holland. We named her Tempus Fugit. In early December we moved aboard her in Kudelstaart, just outside of Amsterdam, and began a memorable adventure, living afloat and cruising through Holland, Belgium and France for the next year. Below are links to two slide shows about the experience. Here is a map showing the extraordinarily interconnected network of canals and rivers criss-crossing Europe. By zooming in you can see the fine detail of the network all the way from the UK in the north-west to the Black Sea in the south-east. (Note this is a Flash file and may not work on all computers).

Slide Show 1 - Flickr Updates During 2007

The first slide show contains the photographs and stories that we sent to family and friends along the way during our travels in 2007. Start with Living Aboard Tempus Fugit and work your way through time to the most recent edition. There are two major ways you can view the pictures on Flickr, the site where they are posted. One option is to view the pictures as a slide show without the text. To do this just click on "View as slideshow" on the upper right of the page. Alternatively you can click on each picture in turn to read the title and text with each. To move to the next slide just click on the thumbnail of it on the right side.

Living Aboard Tempus Fugit (7.1.07)

Getting To Know Kudelstaart (22.3.07)

Into Amsterdam (15.4.07)

Heading South, At Last (27.4.07)

Across the Belgian Divide (21.5.07)

Getting To Paris (1.6.07)

Life Afloat In The City Of Light: Erotique! Merde! C'Est Fantastique! (3.8.07)

From The Seine To The Saone: Into Another World (19.9.07)

Waterway Crossings Of Europe (3.11.07)


Slide Show 2 - Quilting the Waterways of Europe

Plu's Quilts Inspired by Travels on Tempus Fugit



Slide Show 3 - Reflections on the Year Afloat

When we returned to Vancouver in late 2007 we put together a slide show about the year afloat and some reflections on all that we learned. It was entitled Scholar Shipping - Negotiating Wicked Waterways of Europe (coming shortly).