Governance For Greater Vancouver



This page focuses on the transformation of governance for sustainability with particular reference to Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is a work in progress and is launched with links to recent papers by Tony Dorcey that relate to governance for Greater Vancouver sustainability.


Challenges of Sustainability Planning: Living Dangerously in Worlds of Theory and Practice (2008)

Sustainability Governance: Surfing the Waves of Transformation (2010 forthcoming revision) as published in 2004; accompanying the 2010 revision is a personal statement on the field: Sustainability Governance in Canada: Shame and Pride

Great Expectations, Mixed Results: Trends In Citizen Involvement in Canadian Environmental Governance (2001)

Setting the Context: The Fraser River Estuary: Past, Present and Future (Message to self: It's the governance system, stupid!) (2002)

Collaborating Towards Sustainability Together: The Fraser Basin Management Board and Program (1997)

The Evolution of Estuarine Governance in a Metropolitan Region: Collaborating for Sustainability in the Fraser River Estuary (2004)