Internship Relations, Records, Reflections and Reviews (4Rs)

Past, Present and Future

28th February 2011


In this class we will focus on the ways in which an Internship is set up in terms of agreements and reports. We will discuss how it has been operating and how it will operate for you. After introducing the issues we need to consider I indicate how we will proceed in today's session and how you should prepare for it.

The Internship Past, Present and Future

As explained during the first class, this new course results from discussions among students, faculty and practitioners on how students could be better prepared for obtaining and undertaking Internships that meet their needs and getting the most out of the experience. The present procedures for reaching agreement on an Internship and fulfilling the reporting requirements for obtaining credit are posted on the SCARP web site.

It was agreed by the SCARP faculty last year that a follow-up course, entitled Learning from Your Internship Experience, should be offered in the fall as an intensive 1-day weekend workshop in early October. The course was designed and scheduled but in September when only two students were registered it was cancelled.

Preparing for This Class

Please review the following in preparation for the class and identify (i) the questions you would like to raise and (ii) the suggestions for change you would like to make in response to the items on the agenda below.


Review and discussion of present policies and procedures

Review and discussion of potential changes to policies and procedures