2011 Assignments for PLAN 548G and PLAN 548H


The assignments involve doing the preparations and producing the materials that you will require to launch your search and ultimately be successful in securing an interview and obtaining the Internship or Job that you desire. The assignments are in two parts that are to be developed as the course proceeds and completed by the last class.The assignments are the same for each of the courses but the responses will have differing content as appropriate to those seeking Internships and those searching for their first Job. The specific nature of the content expected in each of the components of the assignments will be developed as each of them is discussed during the courses. For example, we will work together on developing ideas for what should be contained in each of your Strategy Statements.

Part 1: Your Strategy Documents

Each student will prepare a set of Strategy Documents which include:

Part 2: A Mock Interview

Each student will have a mock interview with Tony. These will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for 1 hour each during a period of two or three days at the end of the course. Arrangements can be made for an earlier mock interview with Tony if a real interview opportunity arises before the end of the class and you want to prepare for it. The beginning of the hour will be used for the mock interview, which will last for about 20 minutes. The balance of the hour will be used for feedback on both the interview, the materials you prepared for the interview and your Strategy Statement.

To provide the basis for the mock interview students will provide Tony with the following materials 72 hours in advance:

Job Applicants

Internship Seekers (2 options)

Option 1 (An Internship opportunity is advertised)

Option 2 (You are approaching an organization that might offer you an internship; there are none advertised as such)

Each student will also provide a copy of their Strategy Statement with the package submitted 72 hours in advance of the interview in order that it can also be discussed following the interview.