Specific Contexts for Internships and Jobs

Your Experiences, Your Interests, Your Questions

21st February 2011


In this class we will build on our discussions so far to explore the differences among the varied contexts in which you might be seeking Internships and Jobs. First, I indicate how the productivity of the remainder of the course is critically dependent on your contributions and then I summarize how we will proceed in today's session and how you should prepare for it.

Your Contributions to the Remainder of the Course

In the rest of the course we will be drawing heavily on two sources of information and experience to focusĀ  our class discussions and make them productive for each of you.

From my email correspondence and conversations I know some of you are well underway with interviews and applications. I strongly encourage everyone to move forward using the strategies we have discussed, as appropriate for pursuing your immediate internship and employment interests. If I can be helpful, do let me know. Please use the blog to report on your experiences, stimulate discussion by raising questions and responding to them, and begin posting drafts of your assignments so that we can use them to advance discussions and their content.

The productivity of the remainder of the course depends critically on your contributions. There will be little reading to be done specifically for class sessions so you can focus your efforts on advancing your own interests and assignments.

Preparing for This Class

Working as a planner can be very different depending on your employer and where you are located. In the class we will discuss in what ways these differences relate to how you seek Internships and Jobs and how your work experiences might be different. In the agenda you will see some of the key dimensions of difference we will explore. Our approach will to be discuss each dimension in turn using your experiences and questions to focus the discussion. Amongst the people taking the courses we have a great deal of experience to draw on from working and volunteering at home and abroad. We can most usefully capitalize on both your planning and other related internship and employment experiences, as we have seen in the class discussions so far.

In preparation for today's discussions please write down a list of:

Also please post to your page on the blog at least one job advertisement that indicates the kind of position in which you are interested and identify the questions that it raises for you that are relevant to today's discussions.



The links below are to student's expressions of interest in particular types of Internship or Job. Those outside of the brackets are what students in last year's class were talking about at this point in the course. Those in {brackets} are based on what I know of student's interests so far this year. We can usefully draw on these examples to inform our discussions. You can also use these links to gain information about opportunities for Internships and Jobs.




Looking Ahead