The Planning Profession:
Membership, Ethics and Involvement
14th March 2011

Most planners in Canada and elsewhere in the world are members of a professional planning association. In Canada, this association is the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP), of which the Planning Institute of BC (PIBC) is an affiliate. In this class, we will build on earlier discussions in Omnibus to explore what it means to be a professional planner and some of the challenges currently facing the profession – challenges that you will be facing shortly as you enter practice. As in previous classes, we will use your questions and experiences in addressing the topics.

We will be joined in this class by Eric Vance, MCIP, a long-time adjunct professor at SCARP who is also heavily involved in the planning profession in various capacities. He is a former member of PIBC Council, the senior member and former Chair of the PIBC Professional Practice Review Committee, a member of the CIP Ethical Standards Task Force and a member of the PIBC Professional Legislation & Certification Task Force. To learn more about Eric's involvement in the School look at his SCARP bio and course pages. You can also find out more about his consulting practice on his company page. Eric has kindly offered to stay behind after the end of the class if anyone would like to discuss his experiences and seek further advice on advancing planning careers.

In preparation for the session, please take a look at the material posted on the Canadian Institute of Planners web site on “Planning for the Future” and come to class prepared with questions and issues that you would like to discuss in the context of the agenda below.


Becoming a Member of the Profession
Currently in BC there is no requirement that persons practicing planning be a member of PIBC or any other professional body. (Read Summary of Research Report and Discussion Paper on Regulation of Planners)

Being an Ethical Planner
You will face ethical challenges in your career as a planner whether in public or private practice. (Read PIBC Code of Professional Conduct and CIP Statement of Values)

Being Involved in the Profession
Being a member of the planning profession and being involved are very different things.