Job Seekers & Strategy Documents

Strategy Statement, CV/Resume, Web Site, and Letters

24th January 2011


In this second class focused on seeking your first Job, we will expand on the first meeting's introduction to the idea of Strategy Documents. We will consider each of the four basic components: your Strategy Statement, CV/Resume, application letters and web site. Below I provide links to the readings that you should do to prepare and the agenda of topics that we will discuss during the class session. I recommend you look over the agenda before starting on the readings so you know what to read for as you prepare for the class discussion.

The Nature of the Readings

As will be the case in nearly all our class sessions the readings are provided through links. They consist of materials that I have found useful in elaborating my understanding of topics that I want us to include in discussing the content of your Strategy Documents. They indicate why the topic is important and how to address it. For example: What is the function of the job application letter for the student versus the person receiving it? What are the alternative formats and content for application letters in differing contexts?

Primary and Supplementary Readings

For most topics there will be a primary reading and then a secondary reading and possibly examples to give you a sense of differing perspectives on this topic that bring out both commonalities and contrasts. Whenever useful, I will use the same source for sub-topics so as to provide an understanding of how the treatment of each comes together in the author's view.

For example for today, we view the very useful video demo of the Career Development eManual produced by the University of Waterloo's Career Services Department. This is complemented by the first chapters from two books: Cover Letters for Dummies and Resumes for Dummies and links to awarding winning examples of cover letters and CVs/Resumes.

To further supplement these readings I will often provide a list of other Resources. These will connect you to information relevant to Canada and B.C., and additional readings and video materials.

Goal of the Readings

In all the readings I am seeking to give you a good starting point for advancing your knowledge, skills and attitudes relating to seeking a first Job. I do not expect you to read and absorb it all first time. Rather read to get a first level of better understanding and plan to get more with further iterations. You will almost certainly want to return to them as you develop your Strategy Documents and start the process of searching for a Job. As indicated elsewhere, I hope you will let me and the rest of the class know whenever you find useful readings among the enormous and rapidly growing resources out there. Please post to the G2Y blog whenever you want to suggest something.

Reading Preparation

Primary Materials

Supplementary Readings



Goals for Job

Opportunities and Constraints

Strategies for Searching for Potential Opportunities

Approaches for getting to interview (with and without advertisement or announcement)

Content of letter and package (with and without advertisement or announcement)