Career Development Strategies,

Reaching Agreement on Terms of Employment, and

The Consulting Option

7th March 2011


In this class we will focus on three topics each of which we have touched upon already but that merit more detailed consideration. In preparation for the session please think about the questions you have and the experiences you can offer with regard to each of the topics on the agenda below. As in previous classes we will use your questions and experiences in addressing the topics.

In preparation for the discussion about Reaching Agreement on Terms of Employment please review the list of issues that was provided by in the section on Job Offer Negotiation. Even though this is written for the U.S. context it is a very good check list for any country. For some local comparative data see the 2007 Membership Survey done for PIBC.

If you are considering consulting on your own then you need to learn about what is involved in operating a business. Scan the web site of Small Business BC, to see where you can learn more and get a sense of what is involved.


Career Development Strategies (30 minutes)

Reaching Agreement on Terms of Employment (30 minutes)

The Consulting Option (30 minutes)