There are two assignments, one Individual and the other Group. Each has component parts with drafts and final products staged for production through the term. They are assigned at the first class.

The requirements for each assignment are detailed in the links below. The content that is relevant to each of them will become more evident as the course progresses and the topics are discussed in class sessions. Both the Individual and Group Assignments are designed to contribute to your own and the class's learning during the course. Time will be allocated for in-class discussion of the evolving experiences in undertaking the assignments. This is assisted by having dates by which initial drafts of each component are to be prepared.

The Individual Assignment will be produced as a series of web pages. At the first class I will introduce the Google Sites option in Google Apps that provides a simple way to generate web pages. We will also find out which members of the class have more experience with producing web pages so that they can assist those who need help. You will each be asked to create and post an initial web page relating to the Individual Assignment before the second class and we will allocate time during it for providing any assistance that is needed. You are able to control who can see your web pages. Here is an example I have created of the kind of pages that can be produced for this assignment. Go here to begin creating your site. Please speak with me if you are familiar with a another program for producing web pages and you would like to use it instead of Google Sites.

The two assignments are based on those we used for the first time in 2008. I have made a number of changes in light of experience with them. The most significant change is that the product from the Group Assignment is no longer a web site; this turned out to be too ambitious. Instead the product is a group report presented in much the same way as articles appear in e-journals. Other changes relate to details in the Individual Assignment, as noted below.

I am also providing much more guidance on what is expected in the products. A major way in which I am doing this is by providing you with copies of the General Feedback that I gave to class members for each of the exercises after reviewing their final products at the end of the 2008 course. Copies of these are provided below and we will talk about key points raised in them as the class progresses.

Please note that I have made two changes in my use of words in the Individual Assignment since 2008 that are reflected in this year's wording of the assignment but not in my feedback comments for 2008:

  1. I now use the term CV for the longer and more comprehensive detailing of education and experience and Resume for the shorter, selective and customized content of education and experience that would be typically used in applying for a specific employment or other opportunity. A CV is what academics and others have traditionally maintained as the full record of their varied activities and achievements. A CV is thus typically maintained like a data base, although it is sometimes customized for a particular use (e.g. applying for tenure or promotion) and may be tens of pages long. In contrast a Resume is always selective and customized and typically under 2 pages. In this assignment you should produce a CV but one customized to fit the present purpose and it is unlikely to be much more than 2 or 3 pages at this early stage in your career development.
  2. You will see that the third component of the assignment has been re-worded to make its specific intent more clear and to reserve the word "development" to the fourth component (i.e. a development strategy).

Grades for the course will be allocated as follows:

Grading will be in accord with the UBC ranges established for SCARP's programs. To encourage the habit of careful proof-reading I deduct marks for typos in the final products from the final grade for each of the two Assignments as follows First typo,1/4%; Second, 1/2%; Third, 1%; Fourth, 2%; etc. Further details on grading are provided with the specific information for each of the two assignments.

Individual Assignment

Group Assignment