Omnibus: Becoming a Good Sustainability Planning Practitioner

27th September 2010

Session 4: 4.15 - 5.00

Introduction to Greater Vancouver Case Studies


In the final session today we will review the six case studies that will be the focus of your Group Assignment. In preparation for discussing them please go to the web sites provided for each of the case studies and think about what questions you have about each of them in the context of the Group Assignment. In this session I will respond to your questions about each of the cases. After class you will be asked to send me your ranked preferences for the cases indicating which you would most like to work on for your Group Assignment. I will use this information in establishing the groups by the next class.

In my classes I use a participatory approach to determining the portion of the grade for Class Participation (10%). It is based on the statement on Goals, Strategies, Requirements and Assessments for participation in my classes. Below is an outline of how this has been approached in other classes. Please review this for discussion at the next class.

Class Participation Grade

At class during September it was agreed that

Criteria for group mark



Group case studies