Omnibus: Becoming a Good Sustainability Planning Practitioner

25th October 2010

Round Table Discussions of Group Assignment Postings & Development of Case Studies


The goal of today's two sessions is to help each case study group advance its project. In preparation for this please review carefully each of the group's initial postings. Also think carefully about how you want to organize yourselves to be most productive in each of the two breakout sessions and the plenary reporting back. Flip charts will be available.

1.30-3.00 Session 1: Round Tables

During the first session today you will come together in 3 round tables with representatives from each of the Group Assignment case studies to review and advance ideas for each of their emerging analytical frameworks and opportunities for their development and application. The round tables will be constituted as follows so as to have at least one and no more than two representatives of a case in the discussants:

Round Table 1: Yaheli, Kevin, William, Andrew, Sandra, Lindsay B., Jason, Ryan, John, Devon, Erik, Tim

Round Table 2: Polly, Kerri, Thomas B., Allison, Thomas D., Debra, Yazmin, Juliet, Erica, Lauren, Ruth

Round Table 3: Meredith, Tamara, Maria, Lindsay N., Maysa, Adam, Daniel, Jessie, Sarah, Evan, Jennifer

The schedule for the round table discussions will be as follows:

1.30 - 2.30 8 minutes to review each case focusing on

  1. what specific planning process is it addressing, and
  2. how the analytical framework is being elaborated, in particular

2.30 - 3.00 each table has 10 minutes to report out emerging ideas on the analytical framework in terms of the questions being asked beyond those specified in the assignment, in particular

  1. questions that are common to all 6 cases, and
  2. questions specific to particular cases.

30 minute break

3.30-5.00 Session 2: Group Reviews

Convene in your 6 case study groups to do the following:

3.30 - 4.15 review what you have heard and

  1. consider how you propose to re-design and advance your case study in the light of reviewing other's outlines and partial drafts, as well the discussion in the fist 90 minutes, and
  2. identify questions you want to raise about how to proceed.

4.15 - 5.00 each group has 7 minutes to report on its decisions and to get responses to their questions.