US Planning Accreditation Board

Speaking Points for Meeting with Site Visit Team

10.00-10.30 3rd November 2009


Joint Appointment

66 2/3% Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability


1. Omnibus: Becoming a Good Sustainability Planning Practitioner

Example of student personal web page product in 2008

Example of student group project in 2008

2. Planning for Water Resources Management: Principles and Practice

Example of student produced class session in 2008

3. Negotiation, Facilitation and Mediation: Principles and Practice

Example of student personal web page in 2008

4. Professional Development Courses - Three 1-credit courses to be offered beginning in January 2010.

5. PIBC Membership Course - Offered once a year for applicants for admission to PIBC/CIP

Illustrative Theses and Projects

I have selected one thesis and one project as examples of high quality products and one project report as an example of a lower quality product. Copies have been provided to the Review Team in hard copy.

SCARP Strategic Planning