Planning for the 21st Century:

What Do Canadian and American Planning Schools Say They Do?


During the summers of 1995 and 1996, Tony Dorcey offered a workshop for Planning students that was designed to assess the masters program and curriculum and make recommendations for innovations appropriate to the challenges upcoming in the 21st Century. In each year, the workshop approached the issue as a planning exercise and produced a report for the School's students and faculty. In the first year, the report was based on the conclusions of the 1994 accreditation review; a comparison of the School's program and curriculum with recent literature on planning education; and a survey of School alumni and their employers. In the following year the students' report built on this by analysing the School's program and curriculum in contrast to those of other Canadian planning schools and 10 of the major comparable schools in the United States. A summary of the two reports was presented to the annual UBC meeting of the Planning Institute of British Columbia (PIBC) and the full text of the second report was posted on the WWW.