Tony Dorcey

21st January, 1999



Our Inheritance

Building on past achievements of faculty, staff and students

Our Goal

The premier sustainability planning school in North America by CIP/PAB accreditation review in 2004

My Approach

My SWOT analysis

My Strategy - Working together

My Style - Collaborative leadership

My Priorities for Early Action

Planning for Planning

Reviewing Our Performance

Professionalism, the Profession and the Community

Developing the Sustainability Focus

Revising Degree Programs and Curriculum


My SWOT Analysis


Experience, talent and commitment of our faculty, staff and students.


Fragmentation of efforts

Neglect of our own community


Growing demand worldwide for sustainability planning

TREK 2000: interdisciplinarity, internationalization and information generation


Inadequate university budgets

Increasing demands burn out staff, students and faculty

Newly emerging programs increasingly compete against us.


My Strategy - Working Together

Staff, students, faculty

Across the campus

In the community


My Style - Collaborative Leadership

Challenging our thinking - listening

Building consensus - task groups

Deciding and acting - accounting

Keeping informed - intranet


Early Priorities for Action

My proposals for your reaction

Discussions before decisions

Today, feedback on the general direction

Opportune time for innovation: TREK 2000, CIP/PAB Review


1. Planning for Planning: Practicing What We Profess

Greater emphasis on explicitly and jointly choosing what we do, how we do it and when.

Establish annual planning cycle

Planning for multi-year issues


2. Review and Feedback on Our Performance


Continuing review and feedback on my performance as Director


Greater emphasis on constructive and timely review and feedback


3. New Professionalism, the Profession and the Community

Greater emphasis on being a professional school

Distinctive on campus

Our special relationship with wider community.

Modelling best practice - the way we run the School

The faculty in professional practice

Mentoring, interning and apprenticing

Preparation for professional practice


4. Developing the School's Sustainability Focus

"To advance the transition to sustainability through excellence in integrated policy and planning research, professional education and community service."


SCARP is recognised for its sustainability planning focus

Our Mission Statement serves us well

Staying on the leading edge

Strengthening the ways we pursue our Mission



5. Revising Degree Programs and Curriculum

Reviewing the masters and doctoral programs

Revising the masters program

Adding certificates in select specializations

Doctoral program


Comments and Questions Please