Negotiation, Facilitation and Mediation:

Principles and Practices

26th October 2011



Putting It All together: Balancing Advocacy and Connection

Crafting Agreements & Negotiating Change



Kolb, D. and J. Williams. 2003.


PREPARATION & DISCUSSION: After reading the two chapters, think about how you can use the ideas for employing "pushing", "packaging" and "mutual inquiry" strategies, along with the tools of "advocacy" and "connection", in your case study negotiation. In the class session you will convene at a table with one person from each of the other case studies (i.e. there will not be anyone else from your case study negotiation at the table). This is an opportunity to explore your thinking and experience with strategies for negotiation in your case study role with others in the class. This discussion will be out of role. After 30 minutes we will convene in plenary to discuss general questions that have arisen. The goal of this session is to help you reflect on the experience you have had in your case study negotiations to date and to seek assistance from others who are not involved on how you might refine your strategies for proceeding with your negotiations.


Rosa, Ruth, Fernanda, Polly, Daniel

Katie, Jennifer P., Erica, Maysa, Thomas

Jason, Lauren, Mariona, Debra, Tessie

Maureen, Devon, Jennifer R., Andrew