Omnibus: Becoming a Good Sustainability Planning Practitioner

13th September 2010

Session 1: 1.30 - 2.15

Introduction to Omnibus


The first class will consist of four 45 minute sessions with a 10 minute break in between. In advance, please review the agendas and do the preparatory reading for each of the four sessions so that we can get the course underway quickly. A quick start is important because we lose two sessions this term as a result of the SCARP Orientation Program in the first week and the Thanksgiving holiday falling on a Monday - we thus only have 11 classess instead of the normal 13.

In preparation for the first class session please read over the course outline (note there have been revisions since the first posting), and review the schedule for the term and the assignments. As you will see from the agenda, I will be speaking to the goals, structure and content of the course. Please be prepared to raise any questions you might have. Contact me by email <> if you have any questions that need to be addressed before the class meets. I am looking forward to working with you this term.

You will find that all the preparatory readings can be accessed from links on the agendas for that class. Please note that you are not always required to read all of the article (e.g. it might just be a few pages or a table). However, you will also see that I usually provide you with information about the publication from which a reading is excerpted and there is commonly a link that provides background on the author as this can be an important source of further information and perspective for you.

Finally, note that some readings are accessed by clicking on the Omnibus Materials (open to the class email list as soon as it is available) at the end of the reference.



Course Outline

Schedule and Agenda for Term


Class Participation Principles and Practices


Key Web Sites

My Web Site <>

Course Web Site



1. Personal Information: Would you please complete the attached form so that I might have some initial information about who is taking the course and give this to me by the end of the first class.

2. About Me: see SCARP bio Serendipitous Pracademic and Waterway Cruiser and my web page

3. Talking With Me

4. Overview of Course



Purpose within masters program (and qualifications about breadth and depth of Omnibus)

Broad structure of the agenda for the term

Agenda for each session of class

Readings and links (Acrobat Reader) ( journals and web links) (guidance on doing readings)

Omnibus Materials and City Making in Paradise: Nine Decisions That Saved Vancouver by Mike Harcourt, Ken Cameron and Sean Rossiter. Vancouver: Douglas and McIntyre 2007. Read the book and listen to the authors.

Types of session formats

Linkage to events (e.g. The UBC Sustainability Initiative: Our Campus as a Living Lab)